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Saturday, January 29, 2011

The Eternal Struggle

Today I have been witness to the eternal struggle and it was tiring. It was not good v. evil but man v. boy and there were no winners.

My oldest son Jon is learning to drive. His father is teaching him. I'm getting a lesson in prayer. After a particularly brutal exchange I found myself making the Sign of the Cross. His brother leaned over and if Jon was really that bad. I told him no, but I was praying for patience--it isn't a strong suit in father or son. To make matters worse Jon didn't want to drive and his father is in pain from a back problem (worse since our accident 2 months ago) and a sinus infection. As father as his father was concerned today, Jon could do nothing right. I am so glad works dissipate quickly, otherwise when we opened a door, all those F words would fall out and embarrass me.

We drove to our favorite restaurant in Jeffersonville, IN for fish (a distance of 125 miles). The fish was excellent as always. Gideon was supposed to drive on the way back but it was getting dark and he was sleepy from eating, so he didn't drive.

This was a matter of placing things in God's hands. And I did that. Tomorrow I want a nice quiet day.

Thank you Father, Son and Holy Spirit for protecting us. Amen.