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Monday, December 27, 2010

Morgan's Doll


I'm working on a special doll for Morgan, the grand-daughter of my oldest friend, Penny. Morgan's mother
died unexpectedly on New Year's Day several years. Morgan is one week younger than my second son. Morgan's mother died unexpectedly on New Year's Day several years ago. I've had a burning urge to make things for little girls and since I have boys, and no nieces.  Of course I don't want her or her other daughter and grand-daughter to feel left out, but I have to finish this first.

(photos by Gideon)
Morgan's favorite color is pink, the doll will be in shades of pink-light pink, darker pink, and burgundy. I've crocheted the petticoat, the bodice in light pink and I will add a ruffle of dark pink/burgundy. The second overskirt is burgundy and will have flowers and swags added. I'm working on pink angel wings and a light pink overskirt.

I purchased 3 Barbie dolls for $7 at Walgreens--and their cheapness is apparent but I needed them for the fit. I wish I had my Barbie dolls from childhood but my mother's son stole them from me as he did everything else--the house, her crystal, my Smokie the Bear, my baby doll, my books, and so many things. I struggle to forgive him and while I can say the words, putting them into motion is difficult. My family is here with me and I can't ask for anything better than that.

I must get back to hooking while trying to work out a story line for a novel in my head and on paper.

Happy New Year to All. May God Bless you in the coming year.